The Goddess of Saraswati is worshipped at “Veena Pustak Dhaarini”. Similarly, Lord Shankar is also known for his musical instrument “Damaru”, even though he holds a very effective weapon called Trident, which can spell doom in the entire Universe. Likewise in Shrimad Bhagwat Geeta, Lord Krishna shows the aggression through his “Chakra”. Yet he simultaneously plays Flute resonating mellifluous tunes. In the same breath, the illustrious bowman, who had mastered the skill of operating “Gaandeev” (the prestigious bow). He too was an accomplished exponent of Mridanga, vocal recital and “Shri Rama Gandharva Shastra”. In the more recent times, Mahatma Gandhi used to begin all his public meetings, with the playing of his favourite Bhajan-   “Ragupti Raghaw Raja Ram”. Devarshi Narad with his “Ek-Tara” and Aadi Shankaracharya with his musical sholaks also manifested the fact, that they had special regards for music.

All these incidents underline the significance of music and its influence. It means that for an overall growth one’s life music is an essential component. Dr Arun Kumar Sen and Dr (Mrs) Anita Sen had the vision that this college would be dedicated to accomplish and enrich this basic culture of our country. We are all committed to realize their vision. This college is making a significant contribution in the field of music education not only in the state but also in the entire country. The experienced and competent teachers are also making their contribution in this endeavor.

Commencing journey only with six students six decades ago, today as many as approx 700 students is learning music here, which is indeed a matter of pride. The cultural and musical programs, held throughout the year, keep the college atmosphere resonating with melody and rhythm.  That is why this college has been acknowledged as the temple of quality education of vocal, instrumental and dance with dedication and devotion.

Kamala Devi Sangit Mahavidyalay is situated in Raipur, and it is affiliated with Indira Kala Sangit Vishwavidyalay Khairagarh. This college has a very good facility of library and music instruments. A large number of students, who have learnt music from this college, have now become successful music teacher or performer, proving their prowess.

I therefore invite the upcoming artistes and music talents to learn music in any of the disciplines i.e. vocal, instrumental and dance.

Dr M Shriram Murthy
Principal in-charge