Late. Dr Arun kumar Sen
Founder chairman

A versatile personality, dedicated exponent of traditional Indian classical music, ardent performer and renowned jewel of Chhattisgarh was born on 6th May 1928 on the sacred land of Rajim Chhattisgarh. Dr Arun Kumar Sen, was always acknowledged for his immaculate intelligence, hard work, whole-hearted devotion and spontaneous intimacy with one and all. He was ideal for many, a great musicologist, gifted composer, social activist, and a committed philanthropist for girl education and self-motivated team leader for the development and growth of Music, Dance, Drama, and other performing arts. Throughout his life he followed the motto of- "Work is worship".

His creations are 1. Geet Ramayana 2.Geet Nanak 3.Geet Mahaveer 4. Geet Gandhi 5. Geet Vivekananda and many other creations in the field of classical and light music. He was ex- Vice Chancellor of Indira Kala Sangeet Vishwavidyalaya Khairagarh (C.G.) and Chairman of Madhya Pradesh Film Vikas Nigam Bhopal (M.P.) Maintaining his mental balance and cool, and keeping a spontaneous behavior with kindness in conduct, was the hallmark of his character. He always paid high value to the contribution of Chhattisgarh in enriching the Indian classical music and art and adding the essence of Satyam-Shivam-Sundaram to both the disciplines. Besides being a highly acknowledged exponent in music and literature, he also excelled in various disciplines of folk art. This very creativity of Dr Sen manifested in outstanding brilliance, contemplation and sense of elegance. Fragrance is the hallmark of sandal wood. It not only embodies the aroma within, but spread the cologne everywhere. Dr Sen’s persona was simply like sandal wood. The fragrance of his existence is very much there as a sense of pride among one and all in the music and art fraternity.